The first impression is always the lasting impression!

The quality of your real estate photos and videography can make or break you. We understand that anything less than excellence can cost you and excellence will capture the eye of the client, therefore, it's our commitment to you to make certain that we take the time and effort that is required to produce and deliver images that will stop your prospective customer in their tracks! We believe in what we do. There is an art to capturing breathtaking photo's and video footage that requires your photographer to go the extra mile while creating images that captivate your audience. We offer you that commitment!

Secondly, we know that in today's market, most people shop online before they make a decision to go out and actually see. Knowing this, we not only provide our clients with professional images and video, we market every home, hotel and business that we shoot on our website and social media page. There is no extra charge for this! Our goal is to help you reach your highest potential!

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Tips that will make all the difference!

Do you want photo's that come to life as if you and your client are standing right in the middle of a room? 

Here are a few things to look for. 

Rooms with very little natural light: Lighting and color make all the difference in the world. Always look for images that are clear and bright that showcase every beautiful color in the shot. You want to see sharpness that expose the detail in every corner of the room.

Rooms that are very small: Using the correct lens, camera settings, shooting techniques and professional processing applications can transform a small room into a more spacious area. What you do not want is an image that has been manipulated causing the room or the furniture to look distorted. The moment your client see's a distortion in your image, credibility just went out the window.