Staging and Re-Design

Attention grabbing images play a huge role in how quickly your property is rented or sold and can also govern the price. Ideally, having someone that has a background in Interior Design and Staging come in and add a few touches that will make your photographs come alive could give you that jump start you need to get traffic coming through your door! 

I have good news for you..... We have Interior Designers and Interior Staging Techs that are Professional Photographers as well! If you are our client, Simply request information about design or staging. Our photographers carry small staging pieces, silk plants, decorative towel sets and elegant art with them on every photo shoot. Subtle staging when photographing an empty space is just one of the extra's that we do to insure that you are delivered images that attract the viewing eye and create a warm and inviting space. 


The kitchen is where the family gathers and creating an inviting atmosphere goes a long way than simply photographing an empty space. Give your client the feeling that they are home!


Picture this room without the palm in the background and the wreath on the door. The room would appear cool and lifeless. One whisping palm that feathers across the window, peaking over an empty wall and a simple wreath on the door gives the room a cozier feeling. 


You create the picture! 

I tell everyone that the first impression will always be the lasting impression and you are in charge of the impression your client will get as they step into the entry way of each room....

A splash of color with a designer towel and soap on your bathroom counter top isn't much but will go a long way when creating the impression you want your client to remember.  

Interior Design and Staging

This is just one component in a series of extras that we hope will become that missing link that you've looking for. Our #1 goal is to understand what you need to make your job easier and provide you with a job that will always deliver the best results for you and your team!

What our customers are saying

I listed an empty mobile home that was on the market for a while when I decided to team up with Morrell Management Group. Their photographer came out, staged the home at no charge to me, took the photo's, added two aerial shots that captured the lake across the street that was otherwise hid by tree's. She traveled a mile down the road with me and photographed the boat ramp and park and was very thoughtful to my requests. I had my completed images back in a timely manner.

Within days of posting my new images, I 

had an offer from someone out of state that said the photos sold him without ever stepping foot into the home. I just can't say enough about the promptness, the helpful attitude, the time spent with me and the photo package I was given! The cost was extremely reasonable and I can say with confidence that Morrell Management Group will be my contact for staging and photography after this experience! 

Judith Lee - Realtor